The Knest story - A Revolution in the making
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The Dawn of Indian Manufacturing

Already the market leader, Knest has the country’s largest manufacturing capacity with a 100% delivery record. Knest has led the industry with breakthrough innovations like Virtual Reality visualisation & Aluminium Formliners. We are the fastest growing Aluminium Formwork company in the world and we are delivering to the world, more than 5 countries. I believe that speaks for itself.

Times Realty Icons, Pune Times - August 2022

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The Best Happens To Be In India

Indian infra wasn’t breathing freely. Aluform was the need of the hour, but due to the lack of domestic supply, the prices prevalent in the formwork market were often bloated. As an Indian alternative with superior quality & best-in-class delivery timelines, we made the technology accessible for everyone. By doing this we have driven a much-needed price correction in the market.

Times of India & Economic Times, Hyderabad Edition - July 2022

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From India to the World: Knest Manufacturers LLP - The Cornerstone of Make In India

In conversation with Nitin Mittal, Chairman & MD of Knest Manufacturers LLP, a company that is making waves in India.

I’ll start with the most basic question, what is Knest and what does it do? Firstly, thank you for this feature. Knest Manufacturers LLP is an aluminium formwork company that provides building solutions to the real estate and infrastructure companies in India and SEA.

Times of India, Hyderabad - February 2022

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Knest Manufacturers LLP releases landmark Brand Anthem

The first of its kind for the company, the anthem delivers a resounding and emotional message for India Inc. It celebrates the people of India, the essence of being an Indian and the country’s unmatched ability to grow into a manufacturing powerhouse..

Adgully - February 2022

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The Knest story - A Revolution in the making

An endeavour begins with a cause, it is driven by a vision and fueled by commitment. And the endeavour to challenge & change the under-optimal status quo of Indian construction is The Knest Story.

Pune Times - October 2021

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Knest - The real game changer of the Indian construction industry

Formwork is a crucial component in the construction of any Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Structure that empowers the strength and durability of a building. In this rapidly developing world, time and quality are key factors for any project - this is where conventional formwork hasn't been able to keep up. Here comes Aluminium Formwork or better known as Aluform that takes construction to the next level.

ET Game Changers - 24th September, 2021

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Nitin Mittal's KNEST is poineering the change

Visionary leaders can often see the potential and opportunity in changing times. These leaders embrace the unknown as a blank canvas for innovation, experimentation and pioneering new possibilities.

ET Newsmakers - 28th May 2021

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Aluminum formwork: A viable solution for labour-intensive construction projects

Nitin Mittal, Chairman, Knest Manufacturers, on the wonders of aluminium formwork, of which they are also the manufacturers.

ConstructionWeekOnline - July 2020

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Blessing in disguise

Although this dreadful pandemic has posted a great danger to humanity, I also think of it as a blessing in disguise says Nitin Mittal, Chairman, Knest Manufacturers.

Corporate Citizen Vol 5 - May 2020

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Economic and cost effective construction

Headquartered in Pune, Knest Manufacturers LLP has introduced Aluminium Formworks that can be reused in construction innumerable times which means it has a great return on investment.

Realty Plus Magazine - April 2020

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Scaffolding and Formwork

Nitin Mittal talks about Formwork Technology and how it is helping change the real estate landscape.

Construction World - April 2020

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Aluminum Formworks has great resale value.

Nitin Mittal, Chairman, KNest Manufacturers talks about his Aluminum formwork solutions and how it is helping the construction sector.

B2B Purchase - March 2020

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How this entrepreneur makes over Rs 50 Cr?

Pune-based real estate entrepreneur Nitin Mittal started Knest Aluform in 2014 to manufacture aluminium formworks and support developers in their construction and real estate projects.

Your Story - February 2020

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Know more about formwork.

Here is our Marketing Head, Trishila Verma explaining the technology. We thank HomeBanao for giving us this opportunity.

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