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Crafting India's Architectural Legacy through Aluminium Formwork

The history of real estate construction in India is a fascinating journey that reflects the nation's architectural heritage and the gradual adoption of modern construction techniques. This evolution can be traced from the use of traditional building materials to the revolutionary impact of aluminium formwork in the industry.

Let's explore this transformative journey.

Traditional Building Materials

In ancient India, construction techniques were deeply rooted in the use of locally available materials, allowing structures to blend seamlessly with the environment. Materials like clay, wood, stone, and thatch were commonly used to build homes, temples, and monuments. These materials not only served as a testament to India's craftsmanship but also showcased its deep connection to nature.

Transition to Modern Methods

As India underwent urbanisation and industrialisation, the demand for more efficient construction methods grew. Traditional materials, while culturally significant, often proved time-consuming and less suitable for the fast-paced construction needs of the modern era. This prompted the exploration of innovative building technologies, including the utilisation of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

The Formwork Revolution

Aluminium formwork – a technique that changed the landscape of architecture in India. It involves using precision-engineered aluminium panels to create the framework for concrete structures. Knest was born as a solution to a problem, the problem was our dependence on foreign suppliers. And that, in turn, led to several issues - from efficiency to accessibility to trust to affordability. We have empowered the construction of all types of Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC) structures including high-rise buildings, complex architecture and unique facades.

Having embraced the vision of Make in India, or as Knest calls it Made in India, we have inherently encouraged employment at the domestic level. Our commitment to be value- driven has ensured no compromise on the quality of resources, products and services.

As the leaders of aluminium formwork, we have laid the foundation for sustainable infrastructure and have inspired many in the process. At Knest, we believe that aluminium formwork is already redefining Indian architecture in more ways than one!


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