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Eyes of the Future - VR in Construction

You are reading this in 2022. It’s the start of a new year, thankfully, and not the end of the world. There lies a building. One that is made up of sand, concrete, iron and aluminium but most importantly it’s made of human effort. The building is not just a lifeless structure, it’s a living testament of human imagination. Somewhere in this world, someone had the idea for a building, somewhere else another one laid it on a mere piece of paper and one thing led to another to form this breathtaking structure. It all started with an idea, a vision.

A man walks into it. Stepping in, he witnesses the final product in all its glory. There is a distinct smell to it, a novel touch to it and even in the silence, there is a rhythm beating within the walls. His presence feels every brick that has been laid. It could be a home, a hotel, a shop, it could be anything but the moment the man lays his eyes on it the building comes to life.

The ocular powers that we take for granted allow the man to connect with everyone who has had a hand in this creation. It’s beautiful. An idea by one leads to a shared reality. There’s faith in the vision, belief in individual ability and trust in a collective endeavour.

We are at the pinnacle of possibilities and there is a way to share not just the reality but the vision itself.

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality Visualisation.

It has been well established by research that digital visualisation helps in greater understanding by stimulating the senses more effectively. Our brain is able to form better connections, create simpler mental maps and focus on the finer details properly. The immersive experience of Virtual Reality allows the viewer to see what things can be without relying on filling the gaps from thin air. Due to all these, Virtual Reality Visualisation in the Planning & Designing stage of a project takes everything to the next level.

We at Knest Manufacturers LLP, from our very inception, have shouldered the responsibility of driving change for real estate in India. And that has been the goal behind our relentless pursuit to be better. In a world of ever-evolving technology, we want our stakeholders to have not just the better but the absolute best of what can be achieved. With our unique Aluminium Formwork products, we transformed how construction is done in India and with 3D Virtual Reality Visualisation, we are changing how projects are planned in this great country.

As the only company in the industry that offers 3D VR, Knest is not just challenging the inefficient status quo, we are changing it for good. 3D Virtual Reality visualisation in the design process of a project has innumerable benefits compared to the old technology of 2D CAD aka Computer-aided Design.

Using VR technology, the consultants can walk through the entire floor and observe everything on a 1:1 scale. All room dimensions in the shell plan can also be shown during the walkthrough. All elevation features can be easily visualised, eliminating errors and easing the approval process.

This 1:1 scale helps the contractor team in identifying de-shuttering, handling and access related issues before formwork production itself. The casting and formwork erection sequence can be planned perfectly.

Similarly, the safety team of the site can check the entire safety bracket design before the production itself and identify errors & improvement points.

With VR as an important part of your project, you are not just a step ahead, you are miles forward. Here’s how.

With easy approvals and error-free production, you save on project costs by increasing site productivity and reducing wastage.

Safety measures can be pre-visualized in VR thereby avoiding loopholes and ensuring the best reliability standards.

3D Visualization is not just more convenient, they allow for more creativity for the architects & developers to increase the aesthetic value of the project.

Everything is software-based creating an environment-friendly process with paperless collaterals & lesser raw materials.

Furthermore, the visualization helps to keep all the stakeholders on the same page and avoid unnecessary delays.

By bringing this technology to the market, we are changing the entire process of planning for good. All technology hopes to be, all that it can be - is an aid for human experience, and we are making it do that.

When that man walks into your building he should see your project, not just as a structure built by raw materials, but as an idea that has come to life by virtue of your endeavour.

Don’t let your vision be clouded by what is possible, see it come to life with the eyes of the future.

Only with Knest.


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