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How Aluminium Formwork is on the Path to Change the Real Estate Industry, Once and for All.

India is an aspirational country and its people are dreaming bigger than ever before, today we have the biggest urban population in the world to support, but our infrastructure industry is lagging way behind in innovation. We are still employing the same old techniques in our constructions, while the world is heading towards mars. The debate for what should be done can never end, but we can surely discuss some of the finest engineering wonders that are on the verge to change the construction and infrastructure industry, one example of such technique is Aluminum Formwork. Let’s Dig Deeper -


The construction methods, which takes the most part of the housing construction timeline is rudimentary as per our growing demands of housing solutions in the country. We would never have been able to match the demand-supply gap in the Indian urban locations, but fortunately there are few innovative solutions available in the Indian market, which could address the need for- quicker and durable buildings, while being cost-effective as well.

Modern Techniques available in India

- Formwork Technology

One of the fastest and effective ways of construction is doing it via Formwork method. It is fast, simple, cost-effective and agile, as it creates all part of the building at the same time, leading to superb dimensional accuracy and perfect fitting spaces in the construction site.

- Prefabrication Technology

A technology in whichthe fabrication of the building components and its assembly is done in the factory or manufacturing site, and then complete assemblies are transported to the point of structure location. Logistics could be a big pain point in this methodology of construction.

- Outinard Technology

method requires availability of high-quality steel with effective quality control, along with some engineering expertise on the sides. Though this method is better than usual conventional methods, it still poses a few limitations when compared to Formwork method.

- Precast Technology

In this method a precast concrete structure is created and then shipped to the location of use and put in place. Transporting heavy construction parts from one place to other might present us with a few obstacles sometimes.

Benefits of Aluminum Formwork

- Quality

While traditional methods yield an average quality construction site, Aluminum Formwork delivers perfection- both in build quality and precision. Additionally, you can pre-plan and cast AC ducts, Electrical lines and Plumbing setup and hide them in plain sight to get a perfect and flawless structure.

- Speed

Conventional methods use techniques like bricklaying and plastering which are tiring as well as inefficient in the case of faster construction needs. On the other hand, as advanced construction techniques are deployed in Formwork method you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and get a perfectly durable and precise structure at the end, while being at peace.

- Durability

Structures which are constructed using conventional techniques are more prone to developing cracks due to plastering and other method flaws, but Aluminum Formwork developed sites show enhanced durability and resistance under unfavorable conditions.

- Labour Cost and Requirement

Traditional methods of construction are labor-intensive and require heavy cranes and other such cost-intensive tools and machines to be effective. On the other hand Formwork does not require a force of highly skilled labor force, any general labor force can be employed to carry out the building tasks, after a short training.

- Eco-friendly

Aluminum formwork produces lesser debris when compared to older methods of creating structures. Low wastage means lesser and effective use of resources in the process, which is the need of the hour, in order to achieve the goal of a sustainable tomorrow.

- Higher Scrap Value

Scrap produced out of formwork constructed building has higher monetary value in the market compared to other building scraps, it is because of the use of high quality and durable materials in the Formwork process which then later produces higher value in the scrap as well.

-Increased Carpet Area and Better Returns

Due to efficient pre-planning and advanced construction methods employed in the formwork process, it naturally yields more carpet area after completion. Builders can charge a premium for Aluminum formwork constructed buildings as well as the resulting structure is made up of 100% RCC which screams durability and safety to its core.

All these mentioned points do not still cover all the benefits of using Aluminum Formwork in today’s scenario, it is just the tip of the iceberg that we have explored here. Formwork can be the next big technological revolution, which can lead India to its dream of becoming a developed nation. It’s the right moment for us to adopt new technologies like Formwork, because without the right set of technology in the real estate sector we would always be struggling to meet the housing demands of growing India. It’s time to choose speed and reliability over slow and fragile, if we wish to transcend to next level of development in the country.


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