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Ability with dependability is reliability

One cannot do without the other. To be reliable, one must be dependable. And, vice versa.

Since our inception, we have delivered construction-tech solutions to over 350 esteemed clients in India and abroad, establishing ourselves as an industry leader.

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and we have worked diligently to earn the confidence of our stakeholders.

We, at Knest, one of the leading aluminium formwork companies in India, have a few missions:

- To build India’s largest construction-tech solutions company.

- To lead the construction-technology ecosystem by building capacity in design, manufacturing, & site support.

- To deliver consistent value to stakeholders in infrastructure development through innovation & imagination.

- To enhance efficiency & customer delight with quality calibrated products & services.

And, one vision – to be the most trustworthy & innovative global service provider of sustainable construction solutions.

In order to realise this vision, it was imperative to onboard an individual who embodies the very qualities that are not our principles but also our vision. It had to be someone who adheres to discipline and follows the process. And, most importantly, is dependable.

An individual with a disciplined & methodical approach but most importantly, someone who is dependable would be the perfect fit as the face of the brand.

It could be no other than Rahul Dravid.

In essence, his legacy as a head coach and former captain is not only defined by his cricketing achievements but also by his resilience and ability to transform challenges into opportunities. He continues to be a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all that with the right attitude and determination, success can be achieved, even in the face of the most daunting obstacles.

Drawing inspiration from his legacy, Knest forges ahead to establish itself as a reliable, pioneering, and sustainable construction tech solutions enterprise. Calibrated for you with conviction, competence, and pioneering know-how of aluminium formwork.


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