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Knest Deck System is a special lightweight aluminium formwork system developed to construct large slab areas with minimal labour & flexibility for seamless integration with all other Formwork Systems.


Deck Panel - Main Image.jpg
Deck Panel - Main.jpg

Durable & Long-term 

  • The size 0.90m x 1.80m (1.62 m²) deck panels are suitable for slab thicknesses of up to 300mm. 

  • With proper care & maintenance, the usable lifespan can be over 300 re-uses.

  • Knest deck panels are friction welded which leads to much higher repetitions. 

Light & Fast 

  • The Knest Deck Panels weigh only 32 kg and can be easily handled without the need for heavy lifting equipment. 

  • Coupled with the benefits of aluminium formwork, the crane-independent Knest Deck System helps in faster slab cycles. 


Flexible & Convenient 

  • The standard size panel of the Knest Deck System ensures maximum re-usability and flexibility for use cases across multiple projects. 

  • The Knest In-Fill extrusion ensures easy management of special infill zones by enabling simple integration of timber/plywood for in-fill areas around columns, beams, walls, etc.


Drop Head Crown.jpg
Drop Head Crown 2.png

Drop Head Crown

Knest Deck System can be set up and dismantled with a minimum of a two-man crew. The system is safe to operate with a semi-skilled crew with basic training as the panels can be locked onto the Drop Head by simply tilting it up. 


The Drop Head system allows the formwork panels to be removed in 36 hours while leaving the prop head in place to support the slab for extended periods.


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