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Seamless Structures: Aluminium Formwork in Real Estate

Formwork has dynamically changed the perspective towards construction. By having replaced bricks, Aluminium Formwork has opened new avenues for real estate architecture & development. The benefits it possesses align themselves with the demands of today pertaining to contemporary urban living and the growing need of sustainability.

Known for its durability & light-weight nature, Aluminium Formwork has the potential to encompass several styles of architecture. Let’s explore them!

Modern Residential Complexes

Aluminium Formwork vouches for uniformity of aesthetics and quality, which is a key need for the construction of modern residential complexes. Such designs advocate for the creation of functional living spaces, and allow contemporary designs. With over 150 designers, stakeholders have the freedom to customise and build complex structures.

Colossal Skyscrapers

Aluform brings precision & speed to construction procedures, enabling the creation of gigantic skyscrapers. Meant to cater to the growing urban population, such massive structures can be erected expertly, redefining city skylines. We believe no project is too big and no building too tall.

Infrastructure & Commercial Spaces

Aluform saves time, the most essential of resources. Such efficiency helps streamline numerous deadlines of a construction project, ensuring they’re all met. It helps in keeping the architecture style diverse as well, delivering commercial spaces suited for business needs, for instance, shopping malls & infrastructure projects. We, at Knest, ensure that our products & services are on time, every time.

Sustainable Construction

As Aluminium Formwork promotes less wastage generation, using it aids the creation of sustainable landscapes. As an organisation, we champion the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. For you as well as the planet. By reducing the use of wood, creating reusable panels, and recycling the scrap, Knest makes your project a contributor to the larger goal of

sustainable development.

As the real estate architecture & construction industry continues to evolve, Aluminium Formwork will turn into a legacy due to the impact it has caused. It is becoming the symbol of innovative progress and a testament to technological advancement in the world of construction.


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