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Preserving Green: Aluminium Formwork Tackles Deforestation vs Degradation

The pursuit of sustainability in real estate has become a paramount consideration for new-age developers. One noteworthy avenue to adapt eco-friendly practices lies in the integration of aluminium formwork solutions. These systems, comprising reusable panels and components, revolutionise the construction process, offering a host of benefits in comparison to traditional methods. 

This article explores how the use of aluminium formwork not only enhances construction efficiency but also contributes significantly to the promotion of sustainable practices, with a focus on reducing timber demand, minimising construction waste, and optimising resource utilisation. 

Reduce - Recycle - Reuse (Graphical representation) 

Firstly, aluminium formwork reduces the demand for timber, which is a significant cause of forest degradation worldwide. In India, timber is often sourced unsustainably, leading to the destruction of forests and loss of biodiversity. The use of aluminium formwork reduces the demand for timber, thereby preserving forests and their ecosystems.

Fig. 1. Drivers for a) forest degradation and b) deforestation in developing regions | Source: Science Direct

Forest degradation refers to damage to forest ‘quality’ (vis tree density, biodiversity), but the damage is not associated with a change in land use and the forest is expected to naturally regrow. In contrast, deforestation refers to the reduction in forest area due to the conversion of forests (by complete removal of trees) into other land uses, and consequently, the forest is not expected to naturally regrow. 

Secondly, aluminium formwork results in less waste generation during construction, which is essential in India, where waste management is a significant challenge. Aluminium formwork is reusable and durable, resulting in less waste generation during construction. This not only reduces landfill use but also saves resources by eliminating the need for new materials for each construction project.

Thirdly, along the same lines, the superior ready-to-paint finish of aluminium formwork allows efficient use of river sand & other finishing materials. The Indian construction industry is one of the largest consumers of river sand, and its extraction has resulted in the depletion of groundwater and erosion of riverbanks. According to a study published in the International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, using aluminium formwork systems can reduce the consumption of river sand significantly. 

Aluminium formwork systems represent a forward-thinking approach that meets current needs by reducing the need for timber, cutting down on construction waste, and efficiently using resources. As a construction-tech company, we address industry challenges by embracing solutions that enhance efficiency and contribute to the global pursuit of sustainability.


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